In October 2017, my family and I packed up the bulk of our precious belongings into storage. We decided to would hit the road and live in our caravan to travel Australia for 10 months. This was something we had thought about for a considerable amount of time but never thought we would actually have the opportunity to do. With one school age child and one non-school age our preparations began, as did our journey. It was not an easy decision as to which type of education to provide for our children along the way. In the end we settled on registering for homeschool. Even though we had previously  enrolled in formal school as well as distance education, we thought that homeschool would suit us best for this chapter of our lives. As a primary school teacher by profession who has taught in three different states, I felt confident in applying and at ease with the expectations of a homeschool program.

The birth of this blog came as a result of the many amazing families we have met along the way, educating their children through non-traditional methods of school and thriving. I want to provide resources, a forum for conversation and build confidence in parents so they can continue to do what they do whether it be distance education, homeschool or unschooling.

There are so many opportunities travelling on the road for learning to occur naturally and I would love to help you see and seize those opportunities!

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