Having a magical Easter on the road on a budget

I’m not sure about you but I’ve started to think about Easter and how I’m going to make this time of year special for our little family in a minimalistic way. Minimalistic for a few reasons. Firstly, part of living in a van involves giving up having lots of ‘things’ and it is empowering. Secondly, I don’t have the capacity to hide or store loads of chocolates and craft in a hot caravan and will likely just grab a few eggs the day before Easter.

I thought I’d share a few simple ideas that will be easy to implement when living on the road.

Plastic eggs – The one thing I always buy every year is a stash of plastic eggs. They are so versatile and my kids love playing with them for weeks after Easter. Pick some up a bit prior to Easter and pop them in a cupboard (often they sell out). I got mine from Spotlight but have seen them in Big W, Target and Kmart. With these little beauties I will plan a scavenger hunt. The night prior I will write some clues on paper to put in the eggs. Each egg found will have a clue to the next and at the end there will be a craft activity (I bought one from Big W for $3). I love this activity because it involves reading and problem solving so we are ticking those literacy boxes whilst having total fun! At the end of the scavenger hunt you could challenge your children to write their own and hide them for you to find. Put glow sticks inside your plastic eggs for a night time scavenger hunt. If you have much younger children then you can hide either puzzle pieces or pieces of a cut up photo in them and when they find all the pieces they need to put the puzzle or picture together. These little plastic eggs are also fantastic for egg and spoon races. For younger children mix up the colours of the eggs and have them match them up properly again. If you have a few goggly eyes and a permanent marker you can turn the plastic eggs into funny Minions (link below). After Easter have fun with them by filling your plastic eggs with single digit numbers. Ask your child to make the biggest number they can, the smallest number they can, order the numbers, add all of the numbers up. Hide things inside the plastic eggs and write clues for your child to guess what is inside the egg. Provide 3 clues for them to guess what is inside. Younger children love to roll and post things. If you have a box, cut out some holes to post the eggs in. Give them a tube (maybe you have a postage tube or even plastic stuff you have your rods in), put the tube on an angle and allow them to roll the eggs down the tube and catch them in a container at the end. One of my other favourites is to write exercises or movements inside each egg and have your children do those movements.

Bunnings – If your kids love craft and you are either not particularly crafty or hate the craft mess, then Bunnings craft is a must for you. Each weekend (and sometimes during the week) Bunnings run children’s craft workshops. They always run Easter themed ones in the lead up to Easter. They are free, you just need to contact you local Bunnings and book in. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Kids Bunnings workshops are the most fabulous thing ever when you have limited resources living in a caravan. It is very likely that they will also hold a family night for Easter which usually involves sausage sizzle, kids activities and craft (and yes they are free!) All you need to do is to look up the webpage for the Bunnings you will be near, scroll down the home page and check out the DIY activities and events.

Marbling eggs – The easiest way to do marbling (think tie die type look) is to use shaving foam (just buy a no name cheap one) and food colouring (or paint). Spray out the shaving foam on an oven tray or something similar. Drop on dots of food colouring (or paint). Allow your children to use a paint brush or skewer and mix up the colours to create a pretty rainbow (a great opportunity to discuss primary and secondary colours). You have a few options. If you lay a blank white sheet on top of the shaving foam mix the marbling will transfer to the paper. Allow it to dry and brush off the excess shaving foam. The paper could then be cut into egg shapes and used to make cards. You could also use this project to marble real eggs, foam eggs or cardboard egg shaped cut outs from the shops (as they are glossy you would be best to use paint and not food colouring for this one).

Read Easter stories – Visit a local library and enjoy reading Easter stories together. Check out the library website before going as they may even have some special events on in the lead up to Easter.

Decorating biscuits –  All you need to make these egg shaped treats are icing sugar, food colouring, Arrowroot biscuits and decorations. Check out the link below.

Shopping centre activities and local groups – Don’t forget to visit your local shopping centres and see if they will be offering any Easter activities over the long weekend. Often there will be Easter egg hunts or the Easter bunny visiting at certain times. Facebook is a great forum for checking out what’s on.

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