Are you getting value out of your Mathletics subscription?

Mathletics is a very well known application that is widely used in schools as well as a home for homework, extension and homeschooling. We have a Mathletics subscription and I thought I would share how I use it and make sure you are aware of the other functions of Mathletics other than just logging into the app and completing work.

Okay, firstly let me explain how I plan my week with maths. We use the i-Maths Student Book and i-Maths Tracker book. One book is a workbook and the other essentially is assessments that follow the workbook and give you an idea of whether or not your child has grasped that concept. Oh, we also use a Mentals book (which I have only used with my son this year and already we can see improvements in his ability to quickly complete simple additions and subtractions). Firstly I expect my son to complete Mentals which are laid out week by week and Days 1 -5. It is easy and takes him only a few minutes. I will then set him to complete workbook pages from i-Maths Student book. If it is a new concept then we will of course spend additional time explaining the concept and helping. Often there are challenges and extensions to complete at the end of those pages which really get him thinking. After this time I will set him to complete one or two items from Mathematics. Now, this is never chosen at random and always links in with what concept we have just practised in his i-Maths Student book. For example if he is learning about subtraction then I will only ask him to complete units on Mathletics that are related to subtraction. Simple right.

Did you know that you can download a set of questions and then your child can complete that work at another time offline? If you want your child to complete their maths in the car whilst travelling from one destination to the next (we often do) then it really is quite easy with Mathletics. Yes, you need to have internet connection in order to download the required section and set of questions but when you are travelling, just tell your child to select log in ‘offline’ and they can complete any previously download sections. Next time you log in ‘online’ it will add that work to your child’s report.

If you are finding that your child needs work to be simplified or extended further than the options allow you when using the app, I suggest logging in to the family console side on your computer (you would have been emailed a username and password for this) and adjusting the year level of work that your child is completing. There are some disadvantages to doing this, it will be harder to line up the maths concept being taught in a year level book to Mathletics if you change the levels or you could be skipping key concepts, however it is an option.

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Once you have logged into the family console you will see next to your child’s name ‘Edit’, click on this to modify their ‘year group’. Whilst we are on it, the family console is great! If you log into this side of Mathletics on your computer you can access a heap of great workbooks for download and printing. Simply log in to the family console and you will see on the left hand side ‘Instant Workbook’. You can download any of these for any year level! When my son finds his Year Two i-Maths book too easy I go on to this site and find the same topic and download and print a Year Three booklet to further extend him. I find them to offer variety as well as lots of games to play together to support concepts. The workbooks are long in length, almost 50 pages but if you print them at Officeworks in black and white they are about $4.00 (based on their current rate of 8 cents per black and white print). There are also a bunch of guides on there that can assist you with any tricky concepts that you may be struggling to teach your kids (come on let’s face it some Year Five and Six concepts can be tricky). Lastly, I recently jumped on the family console side of Mathletics and noticed that they have introduced a new game called Multiverse. Basically just a fun and interactive way to practise your times tables. It looks like a load of fun and great for switching it up and getting interactive, my son really enjoyed it. You will need Internet access to play it and your child does need to log onto Mathletics on a computer. Hit the ‘Play’ tab at the top of their home page and Multiverse should appear at the bottom of the page.


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