A question I ask most families I meet along their travels is “How do you educate your children?” I find this an interesting question, that has so many varied answers. One thing that really surprised me when we were travelling was the idea that homeschooling was not an option for many families as the state... Continue Reading →

The advantages of homeschooling

Most people have a rather interesting reaction when you tell them that you are going to abort all that is mainstream and normal in life and head off in a caravan to spend every waking moment with your children and possibly husband or partner (if you are travelling with one). Funnily enough, it is easier... Continue Reading →

Travelling Western Australia

We ventured into Western Australia having never been there before, well at least the kids and I hadn’t. I truly didn’t know what to expect. Western Australia was so vastly different from what I thought it may be and it quickly became one of our favourite states to travel. Western Australia is like no other... Continue Reading →

Technology on the road

How do you manage to run devices and access Internet when travelling Australia and going off the grid? Sort out your equipment: Set yourself up with decent Internet – We chose to get a Netgear Internet dongle on a plan with Telstra (50GB for $70p.m.). There are loads of options when it comes to Internet... Continue Reading →

What apps do I need for our lap?

  Here is a list of a few apps that we found extremely useful whilst travelling Australia. To 5 apps we recommend for travelling Australia Wiki Camps – Most people know about Wiki Camps and like us swear by it. I use Wiki Camps to track out trip and mark all the places we visit.... Continue Reading →

Water saving tips

Our rig is a 20ft New Age caravan with double bunks and a toilet/shower combo. Our biggest concern early on was how were we going to go off the grid and use much less water. In fact, this was basically our only limiting factor when going off the grid. In hindsight, if we were choosing... Continue Reading →

Reading books on the road

So you want to continue your ritual of reading books to your children before bed when you are travelling but you don’t have the capacity to carry lots of books due to weight? I have a few easy solutions for you. Here are my top twelve solutions to meeting your child’s reading needs in a... Continue Reading →

Packing for the long haul – toys and games

So you and your partner and now in charge of educating and entertaining your children for the next few months or maybe even foreseeable future. This is such a daunting thing! No doubt you will consider packing for this trip as an opportunity to leave behind all of the kids toys and non-essential possessions and... Continue Reading →

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